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Mnemonics: Remember Everything Easily [Part-2]

Mnemonics for Traumatology and Orthopaedics TRAUMA AND ORTHOPAEDICS – Mnemonics Anatomy Cubital fossa contents Mnemonic: Please Remember Be Brave Medically From lateral to medial: P         Posterior interosseus nerve R         Radial nerve B         Biceps tendon B         Brachial artery M         Median nerve Adductor muscles of thigh Mnemonic: Post-Graduates Love their Bachelor Of Medicine P         Pectineus G         Gracilis […]

Mnemonics: Remember Everything Easily [Part-1]

Mnemonics to remember Full Medical History Mnemonics for Full Medical History When taking a history: Mnemonic: OPERATES O         Onset of complaint P         Progress of complaint E         Exacerbating factors R         Relieving factors A         Associated symptoms T         Timing E         Episodes of being symptom-free S         Relevant Systemic and general inquiry can be added here Medications/allergies Mnemonic: PILLS P         […]

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