Academic Guideline for MBBS Students Seeking FCPS, MD, MS and Other PG Admission

Tuberculosis of Spine- Pott's Disease

General Considerations: Tuberculosis: A systemic infectious disease, involving almost all organs of the body except- cardiac tissue, pancreas, Thyroid tissue. Infectious agent: Mycobacterium tuberculosis- human and bovine Atypical mycobacterium- Avian and others Mode of infection: Inhalation Ingestion Inoculation Pathology: Basic Pathology- Chronic granulomatous lesion Granuloma: Caseating, foreign body type. Langerhan’s type of giant cell. Tuberculosis […]

Lipid Lowering Agents

Hyperlipidemia: Hypelipidemias are a complex group of diseases that can be designated either primary or secondary depending on their causes. Primary: Result from single inherited gene defect or combination of genetic and environmental factor. Secondary: Result of more generalized metabolic disorder e.g. DM, excessive alcohol intake, hypothyroidism or primary billiary cirrhosis.   Drugs used in […]

Genital Prolapse: Def, Type, Cause, Treatment, Complications

Genital Prolapse   Definition: When the genital organ descends from its normal position through the vagina is called genital prolapse.   Classification:   Vaginal Prolapse a)      Anterior wall Upper (cystocele) Lower (Urethrocele)   b)      Posterior wall Upper (Enterocele  in Pouch of Douglas with or without intestine) Lower ( Rectocele) Prolapse of perineal body   Uterine […]

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